At Alepa, we believe purity is not just a label, it is a commitment we make everyday to bring you the best.

Alepa is a family run dairy farm located about 200 kms from Bangalore with currently 250 cows on the farm. We are driven by passion and sustainability; tending and rearing our cows in a clean, healthy environment with high emphasis on cow comfort to produce good quality milk.

We are uniquely modelled in bringing the farm and the factory together, where milk is Produced, Processed & Packaged in one single healthy farm to give the customers the freshest single source milk.

How we are different!

Technology Enabled Preventive Healthcare is made possible by round-the-clock monitoring of rumination, eating behaviour, activity and rest behaviour.
Our cows are housed in comfortable spacious shelters with shaded resting areas. They are well ventilated and lighted with easy access to fresh fodder and clean water.
Our strategy on farm is to rear calves to make good healthy cows of the future to ensure superior quality milk.
High quality ingredients are selectively picked to customise our Total Maintenance Ratio (TMR) for our cows. TMR=Fodder+Concentrates+Supplements.
Cow welfare includes rest time which affects performance. Rest times is determined by cow comfort.
Our automation of milking process ensures proper preparation of cows for milking & precision milking.
We have a trained Veterinary Team stationed on the farm to supervise the health of the cows 24/7.
  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Cow Comfort
  • Herd Planning
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Resting Behaviour
  • Milking Timings
  • Vet 24/7 Assistants

What is inside our milk?









Sustainability at Alepa

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